Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Attention All Guys

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to or hopefully just want to impress a girl I can help you out. It was actually a coincidence how I stumbled upon this place, but regardless I felt the need to share it with all of you.

Last night I was hanging around my condo with my roommate Niki and couldn't stand staying inside when it was such a gorgeous night. A patio seemed so boring and our balcony isn't as amusing as it was 2 years ago when we moved in. So the only logical thing to do was get in the car and do some city exploring.

With the windows down and the music blaring we made a quick decision to head west on Lakeshore and fly by the CNE and BMO. I haven't been to the beach down there in forever so we parked in the furthest lot before the stretch of condos started and hopped out.

Just to make this clear, I have lived in Toronto my whole life and have never walked as west as we did (sad I know). Over the white bridge we watched the sunset and smiled at the couple taking professional engagement photos overlooking the pink skyline. It was kinda perfect. Too bad I was on a date with my roommate (no offense Niki).

We kept walking and came across a long stretch of rocks that curved into the lake. With our wine and snacks in hand (yes we made a picnic) we climbed out and found a quiet spot on one of the rocks. Sitting there we could see the entire downtown Toronto skyline glistening at us and couldn't stop smiling.

So moral of the story - if you want to do something to make a girl feel like she's the most special thing in the world...Niki and I decided that take her here with some wine glasses and whatever happens she'll probably never forget it.

Cheers :)


N said...

hahaha i thought u were happy that i was your date ;)

ps. you should have added in your comment of "are we allowed to go there" when i suggested sitting on those rocks. hahaha

Alexandra Orlando said...

hey now ms. remek watch it :p

love you bella