Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Drunk Text

We've all done it before. Regardless of what is going on in your life, you know that there is that one particularly annoying person that you've either dated, had an insane obsession with or found yourself caught up in a mind game with that you're not going to win...don't lie I know you know what I'm talking about.

This person for some reason even though you deleted them off facebook and bbm is still in your phone...a # somewhere in there that you keep for no good reason...well just to torture yourself with.

So it's a late night and you've had one too many rye and gingers or vodka rocks (that would be me) AND instead of phoning because that would just be stupid you send them a nasty text - good, bad whatever...anything you've said in there is going to make your cringe the next day.

BUT I found out that what's even worse than the drunk text, which can usually be blown off casually the next morning as a mishap of a really good night out on the town (totally understandable from both parties), is the sober text.

You heard me - the sober text

This is a text that you send late at night when you're feeling in a weird mood or just plain lonely and are fully aware of what you are doing. Let me are fully conscious of the fact that communicating with this person only brings you more trouble and yet you do it anyway. You can't even blame the embarrassing emotions that seem to fly out of your fingertips on anything but yourself.

You look crazy.

Remember that before you think sending that text might be a good idea.

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Ssamo said...

Miss Orlando, this is article feels like it was written to touch a touchy part of me, LOVE it. Hehehe