Monday, August 9, 2010

Is there any good way to pick someone up in an elevator?

It has come to my attention that there is no smooth way to take innocent flirtatious glances in an elevator to anything more than a frustrated feeling of letting a moment go by.

I am really curious and would love someone else's opinion on the elevator pick up. Do you go up to a different floor and put yourself into a potentially awkward and embarrassing situation when you have no idea where you're going when you get off? Or do you attempt to hit on this person with coworkers in the elevator? That can also not be a good idea. Even if you do have some sort of a connection it lasts all about 30 seconds before one of you jumps off...albeit slower than you normally would...maybe absent minded hoping that they'll stop you?? yeeaaah ok.

Can it be anything more than just a feel good moment? Someone that day finds you attractive - awesome.

Comments are more than welcome here people...

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adsevero said...

I don't think it's really possible to go through all the required steps in order to secure the "pick up" without it seeming rushed, desperate,or ill informed, all of which can leave a bad impression, cause uncomfortableness, and therefore hinder any future chances.
I do think however that if you use this time to lay the groundwork for a future attempt, you should be able to "close the deal" so to speak, during the next chance encounter.
That being said...I think we take moments for granted way too often, expecting that we'll have another chance, and see that person again, and sometimes even most of the time we don't. it sure would be a shame if that person we've all been waiting our whole lives for is standing right next to us on an elevator making themselves available and we just let it pass...