Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Question of the Day

I was having some fun on google digging up questions for a team building session I'm holding next week (not during office hours I swear) and came across one I had never seen before. It's one of those questions that really gets you thinking...I mean I'm writing a blog about it so it must've had some sort of impression on me...
If i gathered the closest people to you in your life, what would they say about you that's not true?

I was expecting the typical - how would they describe you? That's always an easy one - it's what you think of yourself that you hope others would say my mind at least. I guess that's cheating a bit, but is it really? If you think of yourself as outgoing 9 times out of 10 most people agree and would add that you're social, loud, fun, etc. etc. It's a no brainer.

But this one is different - this one is real. This is when you think of all those times you feel misrepresented or thrown into some stereotype because of the clothes you wear or the music you listen to, even the job you have. Those little digs that your friends and family seem to throw at you that you never really say anything about.

You can probably tell that this question really got to me because I feel like most of the time people think they have me pegged and they actually have no idea who I am. Kinda funny actually.

So my answer to this question?

I would definitely say that the closest people in my life think that I'm a lot colder than I am. I don't know if that makes any sense, but they think that I'm almost invincible in the way I hold myself and interact with people. Someone very close to me once told me I was too serious. Just relax he said. To anyone else that wouldn't seem like an insult, but it was to me. It hurts to think that all they see when they think of me is how hard I work and the crazy amounts of time I dedicate to things in my life. Given, I am a 30 year old in a 23 year olds body, I am the biggest goofball ever. My guard isn't as high as everyone seems to think it is. Yes, I am a more serious person when it comes to my future, but I am not invincible. I have insecurities and fears just like everyone else and am waiting for someone to come along to take that wall down for good.

What would they say about you that's not true?

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