Friday, October 16, 2009

Commonwealth Games Canada Announces Delhi 2010 Mission Staff

OTTAWA, Oct. 8, 2009 – Commonwealth Games Canada (CGC) today announced its Mission Staff for the 2010 Commonwealth Games to be held in Delhi, India, October 3-14, 2010 – and celebrated the commitment to sport of its motivated volunteers.

“This outstanding group will help us create the right conditions for Canadian athletes and coaches to produce best-ever performances,” said Scott Stevenson, CGC’s Director of Sport. “The Commonwealth Games are a proven, valuable stepping-stone for many Canadian athletes en route to other international, Olympic and Paralympic success.”

The Games will feature more than 4,000 world-class athletes from 71 Commonwealth nations and territories, competing in 19 different sports. Canada, which finished third overall at the 2006 Games in Melbourne, Australia, is expected to send a highly competitive team of approximately 400 athletes, coaches, and volunteers.

“On behalf of the Commonwealth Games Canada leadership team, we are delighted with the selection of these capable Canadians to our team,” said Martha Deacon, Chef de Mission for Team Canada 2010. “A year from now, their passion and enthusiasm will contribute in countless ways to the success of our world-class athletes.”

The Mission Staff will work under the guidance of the Mission Team Leaders, whose appointment was announced in April 2009. Chef de mission Martha Deacon, named in November 2008, will head the team.

“Every time Canada mounts a mission to a major Games, the demands and expectations increase,” said Greg Mathieu, Chief Executive Officer of Cycling Canada. “This Mission Staff has the capacity, energy and experience necessary to ensure Canada’s team in New Delhi has the highest level of support which is reassuring to each National Sport Organization participating in these Games.”

Joanne Mortimore, Chief Executive Officer of Athletics Canada, added: “It is reassuring to see the Mission Staff who have been appointed to 2010 Games. The group clearly has the skills to create the best environment for the team to compete at their best in Delhi.”

Mission Staff for the 2010 Commonwealth Games

Operations: Martin Routhier and Anne Warburton (Administration), Jim Bradley and Yvonne Bierman (Transportation); Sue Boreskie and Suzanne Weckend (Clothing); Shravan Chopra (Technology and Webmaster)

Team Member Support and Services: Todd Allison, Monique Allain, ALEXANDRA ORLANDO :)

Communications: Yan Huckendubler, Patrick Kenny, Martin Richard, Julie Audette, Hélène Lavigne (Translator), Dan Galbraith (Photographer)

Coaching and Applied Sport Science: Lisa Smith, Michel LeBlanc, Shelley Milton

Mission Team Leaders for the 2010 Commonwealth Games

Dr. Jon Kolb – Coaching and Applied Sport Science
Dr. Navin Prasad – Health and Wellbeing (Medical)
Kelly Laframboise – Team Operations
Jackie DeSouza – Communications and Media Services
Michael Smith – Team Member Support and Services

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Pavan sharma said...

I want to assure everyone that Delhi is very much capable to host common wealth games. Indian government is going to invest a huge amount of money i.e US$1.6 billion for preparation of CWG. So this is the most expensive CWG ever (compared to Manchester 2002 - approx. US$420 million, and Melbourne 2006 - approx. US$ 1.1 billion). This amount not included infrastructure development activities like roads, airports and flyovers.

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