Friday, September 18, 2009

Remembering Dr. Gene Sutton

Last weekend I drove up to Hamilton with my family to attend Dr. Gene Sutton's memorial. She was an incredible woman who dedicated so much of her life to sport in this country. I had heard of her for years and years when I was an athlete, but never met her. It was only until I retired and started working on the other side of sport did I finally get my chance to spend some time with her. From the moment we met, she took me under her wing. She was my mentor on the Gymnastics Canada Board and helped me see how I could put my passion to good use in my sport and country. It was very shocking to hear of her sudden passing a few months ago. I was so fortunate to have been in her company for the past year to learn and grow from all her experience and wisdom. I owe my path into Olympic Education to her. She inspired me to apply for the International Olympic Academy and follow in her incredible footsteps. I couldn't have been more honored. She believed in me and I will never forget that. Our sporting community will not be the same without Gene. She touched so many of our lives. Her memorial filled the Convention Center in Hamilton and was a true celebration of her life. I know we have to keep her memory and spirit alive with all we try to accomplish in Canadian sport. Thank you for everything Gene. You are in my thoughts and my heart always.

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Softball Steph said...


Thank you so much for your kind words. I am so touched that you were able to see my Mom in the same light as I saw her. I was so please to share her with everyone so that they could see how awesome she really was.