Thursday, September 9, 2010

Vegas Bound

I'm about to board my flight, but wanted to get this down before I forget that it ever happened because it kinda made my day. Actually, pretty sure it just set up my entire time in Nevada - thank god for that airport currency exchange lady or else waking up so damn early and fighting with my mother on the way to the airport might have ruined my day....

SO I breeze through security and customs down to the States (faster than normal) and get to my gate in one piece - after getting harassed by the creepy airport security guys (fuuunnn). I mean seriously, if you look down my shirt one more time and snicker to your little buddies behind your big, tough shiny table I might lose it.

I digress.

So I had some time to kill and was wandering around people watching, one of my all time favorite activities. When I see this currency exchange booth and I figured that it made sense to get some American dollars if I'm heading down to Vegas. Just being practical.

Here I am, chatting away with the very friendly woman who is probably about my mom's age behind the glass. She asks me if I like big bills or small bills and I say small - always love having cash on me for once (I'm hiding my bank card). She starts counting it out then stops and looks up at me (knowing that I'm going to Vegas) and says with a little smirk on her face - "want some one dollar bills too?"

It took me a second, but I got it. Vegas. One dollar bills. Awesome. So I laughed said well yes I think I may be needing those and she blushed a bit and said she knows what goes on in Nevada!

AMAZING - smiled all the way to the gate

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John said...

HI Alexandra,
Nice to chat with you ever so briefly on the plane to vegas, I was in the aisle, and forgive me but I couldn't help overhearing your name as you were conversing with our seatmate in the middle.

If you ever inclined to see it, Zero Gravity Circus sponsors a crazy show once a month called lunacy cabaret, it's a benefit for circus without borders, it's kinda of crazy but fun.
I do my plate spinning there once in a blue moon.
good luck in your show