Sunday, September 12, 2010

Adult Wonderland

Flying over the Grand Canyon on my way to Las Vegas last week I remember a sense of calmness that came over me. That would be the last time the word calm would come to my mind over the next few days. I was glued to the window on this tiny plane and couldn't take my eyes off the incredible view. It was a gorgeous day, clear blue skies and I could see the sandy desert and rugged mountain range that cuts across the south. I've traveled the world and haven't seen anything like it in awhile - actually not what I was expecting of Vegas.

When you think Las Vegas what really comes to mind? Let's all be honest - not the beauty of it.

Touching down I could already feel the energy rising on the plane. A group of guys on their way to a bachelor party - attempting to recreate 'The Hangover' I'm almost positive, couples looking for a wild weekend and girls leaving their boyfriends at home....the energy was rowdy and debaucherous and we were still on the plane.

The best way I can describe Vegas to people is an Adult Amusement Park. Anything goes and I mean anything. My shuttle bus driver to the hotel gave a little tour guide for all the newbies and you already knew it was going to be trouble. The amount of people, little rules, tons of distractions (in every kind of way) and entertainment overwhelms you. The strip during the day is still as incredible as it is at night. 6 miles long (wear flats ladies) stores, street performers, fountains, restaurants and loud music fill the streets. I'm pretty sure that no one should ever drive there as pedestrians couldn't care less about street lights, signs...basically anything that's in their way of more drinks and gambling.

I was in town for two days - short but definitely sweet. My trip was a whirlwind of little sleep and the most fun I've had in a long time. You literally feel like you're in another over load. Met incredible people, pretended I was wealthy enough to go into all the designer stores and tried things on (so fun) and didn't wipe the smile off my face.

I'm keeping all the details my dirty little secret

Thank you Nevada and Good Night

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