Sunday, June 15, 2008

Feeling good

I can't even tell you how good it feels to be back in the gym. I never thought I would ever say I missed training, but I did. I can't describe to you how frustrating it is to sit at home, knowing that all you can do for yourself is stay off your feet. I am definitely not used to having time to just lie around the house, but that's exactly what I had to do with my injury. Knowing that all my competitors were working themselves like crazy, while I was doing nothing was the hardest thing for me. I felt completely helpless, it was awful. Everyone was telling me to just stay calm, wait it out, rest, ice and elevate, but that's a lot easier said then done. The second my ankle started feeling better I wanted to go back to the gym and see what I could do, but my doctor and I both knew that I would push it too hard so I had to keep waiting. We wanted to make absolute sure the ligaments were strong enough to handle what I was going to do to them lol 

So after a very long month of complete stir craziness I was back at training two weeks ago and I've never felt so good. It's a hard road to get back into shape after taking so much time off, but when is anything easy? I'm more motivated, more energetic and more driven then I was before my injury and am feeling like my old self again which always puts a smile on my face. It was so tough for me to face an injury so close to the Games and I let it get me down a few times, but looking back on it now I am so fortunate it happened when it did. There was still enough time to get ready for Beijing and maybe my body was giving me a sign that it really needed a break. Not the best way to tell me, but everything happens for a reason. 

After two weeks of being more careful then I would like in the gym, I'm totally confident in my abilities and what my ankle can handle now. I feel good and am running the events I'll be competing with in August now. I think my stamina is the hardest thing to get back, but I know that comes with time. It's always the worst to build up for me, but I keep telling myself that if it doesn't kill you it makes you stronger. It's just being able to push through that initial pain and fatigue...if you can get through that in one piece you're good to go. Some days I've wanted to tell my coach that I just couldn't do it anymore, but I never do and I can always find the energy you never thought was in you to keep going. So no matter how bad you think it is, it feels so much better to get past it then let it get to you. I'm always so disappointed afterwards when I'm easier on myself or don't put my all into practice. So yeah you've saved some energy, but did you get better? Probably not. My coach always used to tell me if you show up not giving 150% in the gym then it's not even worth it and you should've just stayed at home. I guess that stuck with me...

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