Monday, February 1, 2010

The Adelaide Club


By Joining the Adelaide Club you will help support Canadian National Team Athletes through the CAN FUND! This incredible charity started by Jane Roos, one of the most influential women in Canadian sport, gives athletes struggling to train and compete for this country the means to keep going. There are still about 60 Canadians who will represent us in the Vancouver 2010 Games that do not have any government funding. They have found a way to qualify for the Olympics with the help of their family, friends and people like Jane Roos. Find out more about the CAN Fund at and see how you can contribute!

On behalf of all Canadian athletes, I can't thank the Adelaide Club and the Can Fund enough for everything they have done for us.


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Good going. Helping the talents to prove themselves is very good. This is also a way to serve the nation I suppose.

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