Friday, January 22, 2010

RIGHT TO PLAY @ Lawrence Park

This past year as an Athlete Ambassador for Right to Play I have had the opportunity to learn so much about this incredible humanitarian organization. I always thought I knew what Right to Play did, but I quickly realized it was so much more than I thought. After working with the incredible Team here in Toronto I'm still in awe.

Right to Play is currently reaching over 680,000 children each and every week through sport and play programs across Africa, Asia, The Middle East and South America. By using games and sport as tools for education, peace and conflict resolution, community development and disease prevention, Right to Play is making a huge difference in the lives of children worldwide.

Children who are marginalized based on gender, ethnicity, social background and religion. Children who live in some of the most disadvantaged areas in the world, heavily affected by war, disease and poverty. Children who feel guilty about having fun.

Right to Play gives them back their childhood. Our international volunteers coach and train local leaders and role models to run sport and play activities that can be sustained within the community. Using sport to make it a healthier and safer world for the next generation.

This morning I went to my first school visit on behalf of Right to Play in North York, right around where I grew up. It was a blast. The student athlete board is organizing a whole week of fundraising activities for Right to Play and we kicked it off with our assembly. Running some of the games that we use in the field with hundreds of high school students was the best part. At first they didn't seem too impressed that they had to participate, but by the end of it EVERY single person was smiling. It's incredible to see how the simplest games and activities can teach so much. Ranging from teamwork, multi-tasking to disease prevention and even creating an open, comfortable space to tackle serious issues in communities.

Text PLAY to 45678 to donate $5 to RIGHT TO PLAY Now

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Danielle said...

Sounds like such an incredible organization! You're such a great role model for young women!