Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Big 2-3

I woke up this morning with the biggest smile on my face. I'm not usually a huge birthday person and don't really care too much for the whole big she-bang, but I actually may have had a change of heart. What triggered this excitedness? I really couldn't tell you. All I know is that I was actually genuinely looking forward to being 23. Last year I had blown out my knee and was a miserable, grumpy birthday girl on crutches. I pretty much would've completely missed celebrating my 22nd year on this earth if it wasn't for my very good girl friends making sure that even though I was in a completely b@$%*y mood I still had to do something. When I look back on it, it was probably the most bizarre evening and led to an even more bizarre year. There were some definite highlights and incredible moments, but there were definitely some times where I couldn't wait for the year to be over too. Career-wise it was more than I ever thought it could be, relationship-wise let's just say I learned a lot (or finally got some sense knocked in to me...my friends can all breathe a sigh of relief), family-wise we've never been closer, but friend-wise there were a lot of growing a part realizations. All in all, I was on a constant roller coaster ride not exactly balancing everything the way I have been known to in the past. SO after the new year, along with some very demanding resolutions, I felt like things were different. I was dreading turning 23 a few months ago, but today I couldn't be happier. As I move further away from my young adulthood and into grown up life, I have to just smile. I've come so far in such a short amount of time and am a healthier and better person because of it. So thank you for all the birthday wishes, I know that I can achieve anything with having so much love around me. I will never miss another birthday again :)

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