Sunday, July 6, 2008


I am so happy I didn't miss the event this year. Even though I was a bit jet lagged from my trip the day before, I wouldn't have missed it for anything. The HBC Run for Canada is on July 1st and it's basically a huge fundraiser for us Canadian amateur athletes. Anyone can come and participate in a 10k run, a 1k kids run and/or a 3k jog/walk down by the lake shore. All the proceeds go to supporting the athletes and this year they raised about $2 million dollars! I don't think I've seen a bigger turnout of supporters and there were a lot of Olympic bound athletes in these very cool personalized shirts helping out all day. I think my favorite part was watching the little kids do their 1k run and giving them their medals afterwards. The competitiveness definitely comes out and there were a few tears shed of course, but it's adorable and I love it. 

I had to be up at around 5:45am to get down by the water for 7am, but it was worth it. The day always flies by and it was a lot of fun. It was so great to see so many athletes I hadn't seen in over a year! I was catching up with people that I was at Pan Ams with last July and meeting new athletes from the GTA. We were sharing stories, joking around and supporting all the runners. I find it so funny that none of the athletes run the 10k, but there's really no need to risk injury this year of all years. We just always laugh about it because there are some pretty intense hardcore runners that show up to the event and could probably outrun and outlast us all! 

Anyways, I was asked at the end of the day to say a little thank you on behalf of all the athletes and I was very honored to do so. Of course I was pretty nervous to get up in front of the thousands of people that showed up for the day, but it went really well. I don't know why I stress so much before I speak because when I actually get up there you can't shut me up. Funny huh? 

My good friend, Ohenewa Akuffo, who just happens to be Canadian Wrestling Champion and Olympic bound as well spent the whole day with me (check us out in my pic). I hadn't seen her since I left for Spain and it was so great to have a little fun outside the gym or the clinic. Thanks for making the Run that much better! See you at the clinic :)

For next year anyone interested in the Run for Canada check out and come support your athletes!!!! THANKS HBC!


fitnessevolution said...

Alex!!!!! You are the best and you are very well of the world.

I will see in the olimpic games and when do you go to Marbella.

Sorry for my English bad.

One Kiss (write me in my web!!!!!)

Fernando Miranda

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You are beautiful.